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greg spector.
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Meet Greg Spector: a 16-year-old who's a good kid, really, if a bit overenthusiastic and moody sometimes. (Then again, what teenager isn't?) At the end of the day, he just wants to make you smile. He's in an unconventional homeschooling program ("teams"? disappearing for days at a time? and is all that physical training really necessary?), but it seems to be working for him-- he's been much more focused and much less prone to emotional outbursts since starting the program two months ago.

Meet "M": the newest addition to Captain Chelton's team, he'll do whatever it takes to complete a mission. He's clingy and irritatingly mercurial at the best of times, but his abilities as an empath and his ruthless determination make him an invaluable asset. And really, it shouldn't be surprising; his emotional maturity must be stunted beyond belief considering what he's had to go through to learn to control his abilities. It's just that sometimes, it's hard to remember how useful he is when he's being such an obnoxious little shit.

Disclaimers: Character is 16, but mun is over the age of 18. Greg is an original character, and I don't claim any association with the PB. It's all just for fun.